QLX Lighting are delighted to be the only ChamSys dealer in Ireland. From our base in Dublin we offer the following throughout Ireland:



We have various ChamSys set up’s to suit any show or event requirements. If you require a programmer, our lighting operators have years of experience in different types of events and can confidently programme your show. ChamSys is a reliable and affordable way to control your event lighting.


We are the only place in Ireland you can purchase ChamSys from. Our wide knowledge base on ChamSys products mean we can offer expert advice on which ChamSys product will suit your lighting control needs and budget.


Our technicians are fully trained in maintaining and servicing Chamsys products. We carry many spare parts and most issues can be dealt with either on site or at our warehouse. We can offer replacement consoles at very good rates if your console is out of action.


QLX Lighting try to carry out at least one large scale ChamSys training event per year. We also carry out smaller group training sessions on a monthly basis. If you would like to be invited to any of these please contact us to have your name put on our mailing list or check our blog for upcoming training events.

Why choose ChamSys?


MagicQ consoles are built on the Linux operating system which is far more stable than most other operating systems. Unlike other operating systems, it is very rare for the Linux operating system to crash.

MagicQ consoles have an in-built UPS to ensure integrity of the system in case of loss of power – when charged the console will keep going for approximately 15 minutes. MagicQ is designed for ultimate performance – we design and test the console to run multiple Cues and FX and Media on all 32768 channels simultaneously. There is no need to worry about how many channels you patch, how many Windows you open or what media files you are running.

MagicQ software has in-built crash protection and diagnostics. On rare occasions where a software reset is required, the software will simply reset itself (takes approximately 2 seconds) and then continue on operating.

MagicQ stores details of all keys pressed and any crashes into a log file which ChamSys can then analyse to resolve the problem and improve the software. MagicQ has an in-built show archiver that store each iteration of your shows as you program. If for any reason you experience a problem you can choose to revert back to a previous version of your show – a different version is automatically stored every 15 minutes of the day, and one for each of the last seven days.

In the unlikely event that hardware suffers fails in an unrecoverable way (when someone throws a pint of water over it!) then you can rest assured that there are multiple ways that the show can go on – all MagicQ systems use the same show file format – so simply load your USB backup onto a different MagicQ console or onto a PC or Mac with a MagicQ Wing or an Ethernet Interface.


With MagicQ, everything is compatible. The software on each MagicQ console and on MagicQ PC (whether Windows, Mac or Linux) has exactly the same functionality. Show files are completely interchangeable between different MagicQ consoles and between MagicQ PC.

MagicQ show files are compatibility through different versions of the software. Any show file will load into any version of the software regardless of how old the software is. Features that have been added in later versions of software will not be available when replayed on older versions – but the show file will still load and the rest of the show will play back as expected.

Program a show on one type of MagicQ console, or on MagicQ PC, then load it into a different MagicQ console. The Playback Window within the MagicQ software enables programming of shows that use multiple playbacks on additional wings even though they are not fitted. This enables full console shows to be programmed and edited on a PC or Mac without any MagicQ Wings fitted, for example in the canteen. The Playback Window also enables Playbacks on Wings to be triggered from the touch screen even if the Wing is not physically fitted.

MagicQ hardware components can be plugged together to make bigger systems – e.g. extra Playback Wings, Execute Wings and Extra Wings can be added to MagicQ consoles or MagicQ PC. Ethernet Interfaces, USB DMX Interfaces, MIDI/Timecode Interfaces can be used with any console or MagicQ PC.

We are Lighting Designers

ChamSys is in the unique position of utilising software developers that are themselves lighting designers. This ingrained knowledge has enabled us to develop a console to meet the needs of the end users rather than the software programmers.

ChamSys board of directors has over twenty years of combined experience in the lighting industry, with varying backgrounds from part owners of lighting hire companies to design consultants on well-known products and lighting designers.

The hardware engineers at ChamSys have had wide experience in all sections of the lighting industry, including laser consoles, moving light systems, industrial and scientific real time control.

ChamSys software engineers have worked on many different systems, including lighting products, telecommunications products, and computer systems. We have a high level of experience in developing real time systems where reliability and performance are key requirements.

Company History

Initially a group of lighting designers and long-time lighting product developers got together todevelop a new console that would overcome the limits of traditional consoles.

ChamSys was formed in April 2003 by bringing together a team of lighting designers, software engineers and hardware developers. ChamSys’ mission is to utilise the latest technology to bring developments to the lighting console market with the ultimate aim of high performance at low cost with high reliability.

The name ChamSys is short for Chameleon Systems and is pronounced “cam” “sis”.

Our Commitment

QLX Lighting and ChamSys have a commitment to meeting the needs of lighting professionals using innovative designs and latest technology.


Download the free ChamSys Magic Q software here