Pearl Expert is based on the Pearl 2004 operating system, retaining the user-friendliness and accessibility of Avolites Pearl consoles.

Pearl Expert is powered by the new Intel Core Duo Processor giving an exceptionally high speed button response which is particularly useful for ‘Take Over’, and busking with Timed Palettes.

An additional 5 sub master playbacks make a total of 20 the most of any console in its class ensuring every type of show, and user, has all the playbacks they need, instantly accessible.

New Add and Swop buttons for the top row of faders allow easy, uncompromised placement of fixtures and dimmers, on all 60 preset faders.

The new ‘Colour Picker’. a highly requested feature from the Diamond 4 console, gives instant rapid and intuitive control of CMY and colour mix devices. This is the first of many D4 features for future software releases in Pearl Expert.

A Unique new Split Roller separates the 20 Sub masters into two banks of 10 allowing live mix and match of memories, adding a new dimension to buskability, this feature is ideal for operators who enjoy being right in the mix with the band.

The Internal Hard Disk gives virtually unlimited internal storage of shows. USB Memory storage together with a CD/DVD re writer (and a floppy disk drive) gives show portability and long term backup. Pearl Expert includes the industry standard EThernet protocols.

We have upgraded our Pearl Expert with the newest Titan software


  • Dual Playback rollers
  • 80 Submasters per page
  • 80 Add & Swop Buttons