The Prolyte Heavy-Duty S52 series trusses are designed with thick wall chords (50 x 4mm), heavy duty bracing (30 x 3mm) and an exceptionally strong coupler system (CCS7). The S52V has 2-sided diagonal webbing and can therefore handle only vertical loading. The main characteristics of the Heavy-Duty truss are a relative compactness and ultimate strength, while a user-friendly design, durability and unrivalled loading capacities make this truss type a flexible and reliable choice for many events.
The Heavy-Duty trusses are the ultimate solution for structures that have to meet high load-bearing demands and are subjected to high-frequency use, such as functioning as a supportive structure or overhead rig for more complex constructions. Their robust features make them suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor applications. The S52 series is mainly used in the rental, stage-building, event and exhibition markets. Thanks to the clever spigot pin orientation in the couplers, assembly of the truss is easy
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