The MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium is a new control console from ChamSys designed to operate at the highest level of show control.  MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium enables shows to be designed from concept to implementation and to control all elements of a show – lighting, media, LED and scenic design.

The MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium supports complete show modelling and pre-visualisation through its inbuilt 3D visualisation and media player.

Supporting 500 universes onboard with no external processing the MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium is the most powerful “all in one” console available.  Together with best in class touch display, silent operation, modular parts replacement and an incredible price, the MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium is the best value top level console on the market.

The MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium is fully show compatible with consoles from the MagicQ Pro and the MagicQ Compact Ranges.

The MQ1000 is currently in development.  We expect it to be in production in around a year .



  • Dual 21.5 inch Full HD multi touch monitors
  • 3.7mm toughened multi-touch touch screens
  • Motorised adjustable screen tilt
  • 30 Playbacks with high quality motorised faders
  • 30 Playback encoder wheels with RGB function indication
  • Full Theatre crossfade section with dual 100mm faders
  • Complete programmer section with Z axis track ball
  • Variable brightness back lit buttons
  • 12 Attribute encoder wheels (4 horizontal, 8 vertical)
  • Dedicated intensity thumb wheel
  • Dedicated Grand Master fader and DBO button
  • Dedicated Goto, Time, Head, Flip, Pair Buttons
  • 12 Multi Purpose Layout buttons
  • 6 Multi Purpose Macro buttons
  • Separate paging for each bank of 10 Playbacks
  • Fader pull back switches
  • Fader modules and playback encoder modules separately and easily replaceable
  • Comfortable arm rest
  • Inbuilt lit keyboard drawer
  • Inbuilt lockable storage drawer

Rear Panel Modules

  • Modular design (PSU, DMX card, processor card, UPS separately changeable)
  • Powerful Intel processor with dedicated graphics processor
  • Future proofed processor module design
  • Inbuilt UPS
  • Fanless cooling at room temperature (silent operation)
  • Energy efficient design
  • Powercon in and out connectors
  • Dual network adapters
  • Network Switch with 4 network ports
  • 8 DMX ports (RDM ready)
  • 1 DMX input port
  • MIDI / SMPTE in and out

Software Specification

  • 500 universes – no external processing required (200 lighting)
  • Inbuilt visualisation including blind visualisation during show
  • Inbuilt media player visualisation
  • Inbuilt media editor and deployment
  • Show files interchangeable with all existing MagicQ consoles
  • Clear and obvious dedicated legending for all 12 Attribute encoders
  • Full dedicated Cue Stack legending for all 30 Playbacks
  • Separate dedicated legending for Playback encoders
  • Open interfaces for communication with 3rd party show control systems
  • Flexible window organisation with drap and snap
  • Multi touch based Quick Move and Quick Copy
  • Multi touch gestures including scrolling and zooming
  • Playbacks active on multiple pages